SIP-enabled Calls - Linking up with your PBX

SIP-enabled Calls - Linking up with your PBX

Written by Jing Jie Huang
Last update: Tuesday, Aug 20, 2019

Link up with your PBX and cloud telephony

Novocall has started off as a stand-alone call system, where inbound calls from website are fielded through our system to businesses' office phones, mobile phones or landlines. With SIP-enabled calls, we've taken the first step towards integrating with your business' PBX systems. 

Video guide here. 

What is SIP?

 A SIP connection is essentially a VOIP routing protocol for PBX systems. Companies who uses PBX phones often have a SIP end-point. More on SIP here.

What can I do with this new SIP-enabled calls feature? 

You'll enjoy 2 new benefits. 

1 - Link up with your existing PBX phone systems

If your business uses a PBX system, you will have a SIP endpoint. You'll be able to add a call rep and put their SIP endpoint as their number. This allows you to tap into all the rich features your PBX system has to offer, such as extension calling, call routing and centralized call logging, through Novocall. 

2 - Cross country calling for countries not supported by Novocall

There are some countries that we have yet to support. With SIP-enabled calls, if you reside in a country that we do not support, you'll be able to receive and make calls from visitors in countries that we support, through a SIP app (we recommend Linphone).

For example: You reside in Taiwan. A web visitor from US requests a callback. You'll receive a call via your SIP app. Once you picked up, your visitor in the US will receive the call and get connected. 

However, local calls within the non-supported country is still not yet available with SIP-enablement. 

How to set up SIP-enabled call? 

If your company owns a PBX phone system, you will need to add the SIP endpoint of your PBX to a call rep. 

Navigate to Call Settings > Call Reps > Add Call Reps

Toggle to SIP URI and add it in.
P.S. Don't know what's your SIP endpoint? You can ask your phone provider for your phone's SIP endpoint or SIP URI - it will look like this "SIP:XXXXX"

*If you're not using a PBX phone system or wants to use a SIP app for cross-country calls, follow the steps below. 

1 - Download Linphone app

2 - Create Linphone account

3- Retrieve your SIP address 

4 - Add your SIP address in call rep


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