After installing the Callback widget on your website, it's time to customize the appearance of your widget.

Step 1 - Greetings 

It’s easy to introduce your team in a personal, friendly way. Here's an example of how the Greetings will look like on your website. 

By default, your visitors will be greeted with "Hey there! :) If you have any questions, leave your number below for a call from me."

Navigate to "Widget Settings" > "Greetings Page" 

You can edit your greeting to better serve your customers. Some quick tips, keep your message personal and your customers will be delighted!

Step 2 - Set your team's availability

Set your working hours 

Office hours set your customers’ expectations for the time taken to get back to them. When a customer opens the widget outside of office hours, they’ll see a scheduled callback page to schedule a call with you during your working hours. Of course, the call will be automated. 

By default, your office hours are set to weekdays from 9am to 5pm. You can edit your office hours - just choose the days and times you’re in the office. 

Note: Your office hours are calculated based on your widget's local timezone.

Step 3 - Style your widget

Styling can be found under "Widget Design".

Add your company logo 

Just click the ‘upload button’ then select your logo to add it. 

And choose a colour for your widget.

To choose the colour for your widget, just enter the colour code you’d like, or select a color from the color panel.

This will change the color of your widget and other backgrounds.

Bottom Right corner houses the demo widget, where you can see a preview of design changes. 

What's next? 

Check out our guide on testing your widget to make sure it works perfectly.

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