You'll be able to do it now. 

If your plan allows for multiple widgets and domains, you can simply create a new widget and place your specific consultant as a call rep under this particular widget.

Here's how: 

Let's say I have 2 call reps, Bob and Jane. 

I have 2 widgets, and I want to place 2 different call reps into the respective widgets. 

Step 1 - Add Bob into Widget 1

You can do this by navigating to Call Settings > Call Reps >Add new call rep

Step 2 - Create new widget, Widget 2

Click in Widget Tab 

Add New Widget 

Step 3 - Add Jane into Widget 2 

Important: If you want your widgets to appear at different web pages, you'll need to set the pages it appears and exclude the pages you do not have it appearing in. Here's a guide that will help you.

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