Yes, you'll be able to create multiple widgets on different pages and different domains. 

Use Cases: 

Different widget settings on different pages

There'll be times when you'll require different widget settings on different pages. A common example of this is when you want different texts or designs appearing on the popups for different pages. 

Different departments with different call representatives

With multiple widgets, you can build separate widgets for different departments. Let's say you have 2 departments with different call reps for Product A and Product B. You can make 2 widgets and assign the respective call reps for the pages and products.

How To: 

Step 1 - Side Panel 

Step 2 - Widget Popup

Upon clicking "Widget" button, you'll be shown your current widgets, as well as an option to create a "New Widget" 

Step 3 - Exclude Pages 

When you create a new widget, it's a brand new slate. You'll need to add the widget's  Javascript code into our website again. What's most important to note, is that you'll need to 

  • include the pages you want this widget to display and 
  • exclude the pages that your main widget is currently displays in. 

Under "Settings" > "Widget Settings" > "General Settings" 

Step 4 - Customize Your New Widget

This widget should look different from your main widget. Customize away!

What's next? 

Learn further ways to customize your widget, such as custom working hours for call reps and different widget triggers.

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